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Across the nation, tens of millions are affected by bruxism, a condition which involves the chronic grinding or clenching of teeth. When bruxism is left untreated, deleterious effects to your oral health can result. At the office of Dr. Oliver rusher, we’re equipped to help you and your loved ones establish and maintain excellent oral health. Beyond our comprehensive range of services to address issues affecting the gums and teeth, as a TMJ dentist Plainview, we’re also prepared to address TMJ jaw-joint disorders, as well as bruxism. Our state-of-the-art dental office is equipped with the foremost diagnostic and treatment technology, so that you can benefit from the latest and most effective methods of care.

The chronic grinding of teeth associated with bruxism typically takes place while asleep, and can result in a variety of issues when left unchecked. From the wearing down of teeth, and damaging of restorative dental fillings, to the development of a TMJ jaw-joint disorder, it’s always best to see your TMJ dentist Plainview if you’re experiencing jaw pain, facial pain, stiff or swollen jaws. As a first step in care, Dr. Rusher performs a careful examination to determine the precise underlying cause of your pain or discomfort. Sometimes, a chronic bruxism habit can cause degeneration to the disc, which cushions the jaw joint. It can also cause muscle tension in the orofacial area, which can ultimately affect the healthy functioning of the jaws. When a TMJ jaw-joint disorder has been caused by bruxism, we offer customized night guards to prevent grinding and clenching throughout the night. Tailor-made to hug the ridges and rises of your smile, our custom night guards are comfortable to wear, and designed to keep your jaws apart as you sleep. Depending on the unique circumstances of your TMJ condition, the most suitable method of treatment may vary.

If you’re suffering from facial pain, jaw pain, or stiff, swollen jaws, our TMJ dentist Plainview is here to provide you with the effective relief you deserve. For the professional evaluation and treatment of TMJ, TMD and bruxism, give a call to the office of Dr. Oliver Rusher today!

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